Equal Means Equal Review

Equal Means Equal is a very interesting documentary that asks the question: How far have women actually come?

The documentary begins with an exploration into women and pay equality. To make their case that women are not being paid equally, the documentary goes into discussing Wal-Mart who has been paying women significantly less. Courts began covering up the case and the supreme court eventually threw the case out because they could not make a decision on one’s thoughts.

Then, the documentary explains the fine print in Title 9 which states that the person being discriminated against has just 180 days to file a complaint from the time that they are hired. This is an injustice because most companies require employees to keep their pay a secret and, therefore, it could be years before an employee discovers mistreatment in their pay. It used to be explained that each paycheck was a separate discriminatory act, but it was changed. Title 7 was then edited by Obama to reinsure that each paycheck was treated as a new act.

However, ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) failed. Women now, according to the documentary, don’t have the drive to get the amendment passed because 76% of Americans think that women already have equal rights. The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) has been passed in 187 of 193 countries. Iran, Sudan (and South Sudan), Somalia, Palau, Tonga, and The United States are the only remaining countries. The United States is the only industrialized nation on that list.

I thought this part to be the most interesting as The United States claims to provide equality to all, but, in reality, the behind the scenes work being done is really in protection of men and  the profits of large corporations. I feel that women need to become more aware and unite together in order to resolve this issue. It is obvious that we are being told we are equal when there are not laws to protect us. We need to become informed on the issue and all of the wrongdoings in order to ensure that our future will be one of equal rights.


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