Forgotten Bayou

If I am being honest, I went in to Forgotten Bayou with really low expectations. I expected it to be boring and thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it all. However, Victoria Greene captured the essences of bayou life and, by sharing the stories and making audiences attached to those whose stories she told, it made it that much sadder when the truth about their home was revealed.

They were not just evacuated for a few days, they have been evacuated for more than 2 years. Listening to the reasons that the families and residents chose to leave and stay was also really interesting.

She also captured beautiful images (such as the one shown above) of the untouched bayou which beautifully contrasted the disgusting truths that arose to the surface. What made the story even more heartbreaking was knowing that the issue could have been prevented.

While the story is wonderful, it is not one of those things that requires a “call to action”. It is more, in my opinion, aimed to be watched by people who run similar facilities in order to avoid future issues.


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