1 Mile to You

After watching Leif Tilden’s 1 Mile to You, I added it to my favorite films. Perhaps I enjoyed the film so much because of my brother’s injury that caused him to be unable to run, but this film had me in tears multiple times. The complexity of the characters, specifically Graham and Coach K, added depth to the story. I also enjoyed that the story film ended with his finding peace with the accident at the place of the accident (river) instead of at the, cliched, gravesite.

His struggle to deal with love after losing Ellie was heartbreaking, especially during the moment when he tapped his cheek for Henny to kiss it–an inside thing with he and Ellie that came off super-masculine in the awkwardness of having another girl do it. To Henny, he probably came off as a jerk, but he was just searching for the love that he and Ellie had.

The artistry of the scenes also made me enjoy the movie that much more. The scenes where Graham is running and the picnic with Henny were golden and bright in contrast to the dark waters that took the lives of his friends. I also enjoyed the moment inside of Bobby’s tree full of memories of him and topped with blue glass. This was one of the first calm moments with Graham, and we finally saw him interact with somebody who had also lost someone.


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