A Gentle Soul: Part 2

I stared out of the window in Liam’s car watching the snow-covered trees dance as the wind blew. It was rare weather for March, especially so late in the month, but I was excited for the snow. I welcomed the flakes to fall down to the pavement, to blanket the Earth for one more day this year.

We had just left my birthday dinner and I was exhausted. I had received more that I had hoped for in celebration of my 20th birthday, but my favorite gift was an art set. According to my mom, my little brother, Trevor, had saved his allowance for a month to buy it for me. He ran to his secret closet and looked up at me with so much pride. The anticipation on his face as I opened it was priceless. I rested my head against the icy cold window and closed my eyes as Liam hummed.

“What are you humming?” I asked.

“You don’t recognize it?” I shook my head no. “It’s the song that was playing when we first met. Listen closer.”

He kept humming, and I tried to make out what part in the song he was trying to make and I couldn’t help but to laugh. “You are a terrible hummer.”

He gave me a fake evil eye before a laughing with that cute twitch in his eyebrow, and I reached for his hand. I intertwined our fingers as I lay back against the glass. “I’m glad that we got to be alone, even if it’s just for a second.”

“Yea, you’re lucky that I forgot to pack socks for this weekend, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to go to the store by ourselves.”

“How do you forget socks?” I asked laughing, still.

“You forgot to remind me.”

“Why should I have to remind you to pack socks?” I smiled.

“Because you reminded me to pack everything else,” Liam answered as he grinned. I was hopelessly in love with him—even though he was incapable of packing.

Liam’s thumb caressed the top of my hand as he continued to drive.

I rested my head back onto the glass, letting the cold sink into my pores. I breathed in and out, enjoying the fresh coolness. Liam continued to hum horribly, and then it hit. It came out of nowhere: the smashing from the left and the impact of glass against my face on the right. Nothing was solid. The iciness was no longer just on my face but my whole body. I could feel the pain from the glass in my face and not much else. My toes tingled and I opened my mouth to call for Liam, but heard no sound.

I closed my eyes against the cool snow, waiting to feel pain, but I felt nothing.


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