For You There Will Be No Tomorrow

Oh please tell me that it is not so,

I watch as they remove your body from the snow.

They say that you jumped from the tallest plateau.

In the back of my throat, I hold the word “no”.

You’re gone, but I feel as if you do not know.

You’re hair still has its shine, your face still its glow,

And on your lips lies a kiss that will never blow.

The man removes the sheet to take your photo,

And that’s when I see your deep red torso.

I hate that I have so much love left to show,

And I will never have time to give the thanks I still owe.

But I can still bring you joy in your favorite meadow,

For I will have you buried under the weeping willow.

You can remain forever in its shadow.

I know that it hasn’t been since too long ago,

But without you here, my life is hollow.

I will see you again once I finally go,

But for now I will remain without you, solo.


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